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I keep having lag on my region where scripted items dont work right, what's going on?!
Last Updated 11 months ago

Recent Secondlife changes affecting scripted objects, here are some options to help get your land/region/parcel within ideal conditions to not have issues with scripted objects.

Try to get Memory usage below 200MB in 'Script Information': "World -> Parcel Details -> Script Info (button)"
and or try to get Spare Time at 1.000 ms or above: "Advanced -> Performance Tools -> Statistics Bar" scroll down to Time section and look for 'Spare Time'

Parcel owners can use 'Script Information' to find objects to clean up. Estate Owners can use "World -> Region Details -> Debug (tab), either Top Colliders (button) or Top Scripts (button)" to aid in clean up.
Also sim owners can request to be moved from a beta release channel 'BlueSteel/Magnum/LeTigre' to SecondLife Release server which shouldn't contain as much new code changes.

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