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I keep having lag on my region where scripted items dont work right, what's going on?!
Last Updated 3 years ago

Recent Secondlife changes affecting scripted objects, here are some options to help get your land/region/parcel within ideal conditions to not have issues with scripted objects.

Try to get Memory usage below 200MB in 'Script Information': "World -> Parcel Details -> Script Info (button)"
and or try to get Spare Time at 1.000 ms or above: "Advanced -> Performance Tools -> Statistics Bar" scroll down to Time section and look for 'Spare Time'

Parcel owners can use 'Script Information' to find objects to clean up. Estate Owners can use "World -> Region Details -> Debug (tab), either Top Colliders (button) or Top Scripts (button)" to aid in clean up.
Also sim owners can request to be moved from a beta release channel 'BlueSteel/Magnum/LeTigre' to SecondLife Release server which shouldn't contain as much new code changes.

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